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At Park, print is neither an art nor a science; it’s both.  The ‘look and the feel’ is just as important as the ‘how’, so we use the very latest technology to create the most stunning print as responsibly as possible, and we manage with passion our whole award winning process from customer brief to distribution.


Before establishing London-based Park in 1991, Heath Mason and Alison Branch already had 24 years’ experience in the print industry to call upon, and they used that experience to create a company unlike any other.

Built on the foundations of quality, technology and intelligent thinking, Park is now the preeminent printer in London. With our flexibility of approach, determination to deliver complex projects at impossible speed and total addiction to meeting our customers’ needs, we aim to impress every single time. It helps of course to have the best print factory on the planet and to have developed a very special screening technology, 'Park XD Screening'. This has moved us ahead of our competitors in terms of reaching new heights of quality standards.  It also helps that we have the financial strength to keep investing in the latest kit and in the best people.

But our business couldn't succeed without the passion the whole team has for the entire print process. We all eat, breathe and sleep print.  We review the big picture and the minutiae, and then we plan. We care that the customer experience of working with us is the best it can be and that’s why we created our customer rooms. These rooms make passing on press hassle free.There are places to work, rest or play.  Even places to sleep and freshen up. For us it’s all about making the entire process easy for our customers, while creating the stunning end result they expect. And our customers, from large corporates and Government, to boutique agencies and retailers, all have very high expectations.

Environmental Credentials

We believe that environmental responsibility begins at home, so even our building has been designed to minimise our impact on the environment.  We use low energy lighting, heating and air-conditioning products that are centrally controlled to prevent usage when not required.  By keeping all our production processes under one roof, we control and reduce the amount of energy, water and chemicals used, while reducing transport emissions.

We are one of only ten printers in the UK certified by the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).  EMAS was first launched in 1993, and is regarded by many as the gold standard of eco-credentials.  This system allows us to assess and manage our environmental performance and create leaner business processes through regular reporting on key performance indicators.

We have an active management programme to reduce our carbon emissions, and enable customers to make their literature 'carbon neutral'.

We have ISO 14001 certification, the world’s most popular standard for environmental management, and also the FSC Chain of Custody certification.

Everyone at Park takes their responsibilities very seriously, which means that we are continually:

• Evaluating and assessing the environmental effects of our operations
• Reviewing legal requirements to ensure compliance
• Applying principles of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ in our processes
• Monitoring and controlling our processes to minimise and prevent pollution
• Providing guidance and training on environmental requirements to new staff and subcontractors working at our site
• Liaising with suppliers whose activities relate to our environmental impact to ensure compliance
• Increasing awareness of environmental issues among our stakeholders

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