Favini is a specialist paper manufacturer with a history of over 270 years. It is a world leader in industrial release paper and has a strong market position in speciality fine paper with innovative and niche products. Favini is based on two Italian mills (near Venice and Milan), operating in the speciality fine paper and industrial release paper markets, plus a converting plant producing office and school articles. The two mills employ about 450 people and are organized in 3 divisions: Graphic Specialties, Release Papers and Converting Division.

Environmental Credentials

WATER Favini has reduced water consumption by 75 % to 22 litres per kilo of paper and it continues to develop new techniques to further reduce consumption. Furthermore Favini uses a state of the art tertiary purification plant to clean waste water well in excess of all legislations. RAW MATERIALS Raw material choice is a core focus. In particular, we guarantee that the pulps processed in our paper production are sourced from carefully managed and controlled forests. FSC Products carrying the FSC label are certified to assure consumers that they come from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. All key brands of Favini are FSC certified. ALGAE AND WASTE Favini patented Shiro Alga Carta and its manufacturing process. Shiro Alga Carta is a unique ecological paper produced from the algal blooms that grow at summers end in the Venice lagoon, damaging the fragile ecosystem of this special maritime area. Doing so we re-use material that otherwise would be polluting and difficult to dispose of. At the same time we save pulp when substituting the algae. The result is a high quality paper with unique features such as visible algae particles that makes paper whiten with age thanks to the inclusion of chlorophyll. Besides alga used to produce paper, Favini can also offer a wide range of ecological papers manufactured with residuals from fruit processing – Orange, lemon, coconut – in fact, we can use our patented process to use most products, even tea or coffee! RENEWABLE ANNUAL CROPS Shiro – the Favini range of ecological papers - includes Shiro Tree Free, which is a paper manufactured with fibres coming from renewable annual crops such as bamboo, cotton linters and bagasse (from sugar cane crushing). This paper has no FSC certification because it has no forest material included. PRE AND POST CONSUMER WASTE Favini uses post-consumer waste previously de-inked as well as pulp from well-managed and controlled forests. Our care for the environment is underlined by the choice of FSC certified de-inked pulps; Shiro Echo contains indeed up 75% post consumer recycled waste. We use significant tonnage of pre consumer waste such as the edgings and other wastes coming from the manufacture and converting processes which are sorted for reuse in our colour cycles. ENERGY 100% Green Energy Our plant in Crusinallo (Italy) uses electrical energy from our own hydro electric plant for the manufacturing of Dolce Vita. This helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Energia Pura Shiro, our ecological range, is manufactured with “Energia Pura”: the electrical energy covered by RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) Certificates. These directly support the development of electrical energy production coming from renewable sources such as solar, wind power, hydro-electric and geothermic. The Certificates match the energy used in our manufacturing process. CERTIFICATIONS FSC 100% Green Energy OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Standard) ISO 9001 (Corporate Quality Management Standard)

Contact Details

Favini Srl Via A. De Gasperi 26 36028 Rossano Veneto (VI) Italy Tel: +39 0424547711 Email: info@favini.com