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Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe is a German subsidiary of Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd., Japan, one of the worlds most important manufacturers of coated specialty paper. The roughly 700 employees at Mitsubishi HiTec Paper produce high-quality thermal papers, digital imaging papers, carbonless papers, cast coated label papers and barrier papers at two tradition-rich locations in Bielefeld and Flensburg.

Each factory stands out for own base paper production, state-of-the-art production machinery and innovative coating technologies. Through its dense global sales network, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper supplies a full range of specialty papers featuring a modular system for every application and printing method - and is a highly capable partner whenever coated speciality paper solutions are required.



1799 - Paper mill in Bielefeld founded

1919 - Paper machine 1 put into service

1920 - Paper machine 2 put into service

1930 - Taken over by Feldmuehle AG

1949 - Four off-line coaters commissioned

1957 - Four special coaters commissioned, High-gloss papers produced for first time

1961 - Wastewater treatment plant commissioned

1968 - New coating line with double-sided preliminary and finish coat

1979 - Production of carbonless papers started

1987 - Paper machine 3 with on-line coater for carbonless papers put into service

1990 - Taken over by Stora Group

1993 - Stora Carbonless Paper GmbH Bielefeld founded

1999 - Taken over by Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd., Company name changed to Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Bielefeld GmbH

2001 - High-performance coater 3 put into service, Production of thermal papers and inkjet papers started

2005 - Digital Imaging Application Centre Set up, New gas and turbine power plant

2006 - Rebuild of coating machine 21 for production of inkjet and thermal papers

2007 - Foundation of MPB Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG

2010 - Merger with the Flensburg sister company, new company name: Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH


1696 - Hinrich Gultzau builds the paper mill

1848 - The first paper machine

1929 - Taken over by Feldmuehle AG

1954 - New paper machine for sanitary paper

1970 - Production of carbonless papers begins

1988 - Licensed by Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. to make thermal papers

1990 - Business taken over by STORA Group, thermal paper produced for first time

1992 - STORA Feldmuehle Spezialpapiere GmbH founded

1996 - Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation become shareholders

1998 - inkjet paper produced for first time

1999 - Company name changed to Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Flensburg GmbH

2003 - Coater 2 converted for production of multiple coats

2004 - Biological wastewater purification put into operation

2007 - Construction of own power plant and conversion of coater 1

2008 - Commissioning of the new power plant

2010 - Merger with the Bielefeld sister company, new company name: Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH

Market Focus

Coated hightech communication papers:

THERMOSCRIPT thermal paper

JETSCRIPT digital imaging paper

GIROFORM carbonless paper

SUPERCOTE label paper

BARRICOTE barrier paper

Worldwide sales network.

Broad range of products for every application and printing method.

Close relationship to various OEMs.

Excellent customer service and technical service.

Environmental Credentials

FSC Chain-of-Custody

PEFC Chain-of-Custody

ISO 14001

ISO 50001


Oekoprofit Bielefeld

Wirtschaft pro Klima

Klimapakt Flensburg

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