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About Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper is a leading manufacturer of paper for office and graphic uses. It has production centres in five countries and sales offices all over the world. The product range not only includes paper for use in offices but also for preprint and offset applications. Among the best known brands are Color Copy, Europe's leading colour laser paper, Snegurochka, IQ, MAESTRO, BIO TOP 3 and NAUTILUS. For Mondi, sustainable development is one of the most important strategic company guidelines. The Green Range product family that was started in 2007 consists entirely of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers from well-managed forests, TCF (totally chlorine free) papers and 100% recycled papers.


.. the company history is the history of the development of green products and initiatives... Mondi has always been at the forefront when it comes to pioneering the sustainable development and manufacture of high-quality papers for office communication: 1989 BIO TOP 3 was the first TCF-paper for copiers and laser printers in the world 1993 Mondi introduces the 100% recycled paper NAUTILUS 1995 TRIOTEC; the world;s first three layer copy paper is produced 1999 Mondi Richards Bay in South Africa is the first mill which becomes FSC certified 2001 Mondi Neusiedler GmbH becomes FSC CoC (Chain of Custody) certified 2005 Color Copy is the world's first FSC certified laser copy paper 2006 WWF Panda Award for FSC certification of our forests in Russia 2007 Mondi introduces the Green range 2009 Snegurochka Mondi's leading office paper brand in Russia is FSC certified, as well as the full Color Copy product portfolio and Mondi's offset paper and board is FSC/PEFC certified

Client List

Mondi's customer base is a global one. We serve mainly three different types of customers: - paper merchants - office supplies retail (OSR) - original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

Market Focus

- Central and Eastern Europe with a strong focus on the markets located near the production sites in Austria and Slovakia - Western Europe - Russia

Environmental Credentials

Green facts forest - Mondi plants 40 million trees per year - Mondi manages a forest area of 2,4 million football pitches responsibly - Mondi enhances biodiversity and ecosystem-services throughout its operations water - 35% reduction in emissions to water against a 2004 baseline - 40% reduction of waste to landfill - Together with WWF Mondi supports the rehabilitation of wetlands in South Africa Air - Specific CO2 emissions were reduced by 15% against a 2004 baseline - CO2 reduction project of 185 000 tons per year certified by the UNFCCC - The share of bio energy used is 53% Details In line with its sustainable development commitments, Mondi recognizes the responsibility to conserve natural resources and, where possible, to help restore ecosystems that have been damaged. Mondi is working closely with WWF and industry partners to refine the science and practice behind what WWF calls New Generation Plantations. This project should be completed in 2009 and early indications suggest it could have a very positive impact on the rehabilitation of functioning ecosystems. Mondi is a leader in researching the development of one important mitigation measure: the creation of Ecological Networks (ENs) ; interconnected land corridors or nodes within the plantation landscape that can help to maintain structural, compositional and functional biodiversity. In South Africa, Mondi is working with its empowerment partners and government through SiyaQhubeka Forestry (SQF): the first commercial organisation to delineate an accurate eco-boundary line between a World Heritage site and a forestry plantation. Also Mondi is the principal sponsor of the Mondi Wetlands Programme (MWP). This is a partnership between Mondi and South Africa and the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA)together with the Mazda Wildlife Fund. The project has achieved international recognition for the success in supporting social change that encourages wetland users and owners to manage their wetland resources in a more environmentally relevant manner. To support the sustainable forestry, Mondi certifies all existing Mondi forestry to FSC standards and in 2008 Mondi introduced comprehensive guidelines covering the responsible procurement of wood, virgin fibre and biomass and developed a Wood Information Platform (WIP) to report on wood tracing data. Green Range product family by Mondi intelligently combining quality and environmental awareness. Sustainability is a key element for Mondi, entailing not just the careful selection of raw materials and their suppliers but also the efficient use of energy and the greatest possible reduction of waste and damaging environmental emissions. Mondi is committed to the responsible care of forests, water and air. One demonstration of the sustainability ethos in action is a unique product family by Mondi that cares about the environment, leaf for leaf. Mondi's unique Green Range of products consists entirely of FSC certified office and printing paper from responsibly managed forests (IQ, MAESTRO; BIO TOP 3, Color Copy), totally chlorine-free paper (BIO TOP , IQ TRIOTEC unique and MAESTRO; TRIOTEC TCF) or 100% recycled paper (NAUTILUS; NAUTILUS SuperWhite). It is produced according to the leading environmental and social practices. In line with its focus on sustainability, Mondi continually strives for the responsible use of raw materials and significant reductions in emissions to air, water and land. These elements therefore form the basis for the Green Range and are summarized in the following formula: Forest + Water + Air = Green Range As a paper producer the elements forest, water and air are the ones where Mondi can contribute the most to a responsible usage of these resources. In this context Mondi plants 40 million trees each year to ensure sustained growth, supports the rehabilitation of wetlands in South Africa together with WWF and has reduced specific CO2 emissions by 15%.

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