New Survey Finds Millennial Readers Prefer Printed Books over e-Books


Twice as many 18 to 34 year-olds in the US and UK read a print book (71%) than an e-book on any device in 2014, according to a OnePoll survey looking into millennials' reading habits by Publishing Technology.

The research found that 37 percent of respondents had read an e-book on a tablet, 29 percent on a dedicated e-reader, 27 percent on a mobile phone and 25 percent on a PC.

The personal touch is still of vital importance for these digital natives who would rather acquire printed books from chain book shops (47%) as opposed to online retailers (39 percent). When purchasing e-books, 51 percent would favour an e-reading app with 40 percent acquiring e-books directly from their e-reading devices and 19 percent using subscription services.

Source: Publishing Technology, 2015