Peppermint Print Ltd, our latest members

Submitted by: Tandy Wakeford 21/12/2015

Two Sides and Print Power extend a warm welcome to Peppermint Print as new members to the campaign.

Established in 2005, Peppermint Print are based in Gloucestershire, offering both digital and litho print, finishing services and studio support in-house. 

Managing Director, Steve Geary said, “The print industry continues to adapt and change to the new world order in marketing where we establish ourselves as a fundamental and powerful part of the marketing mix, where Print and Digital combine and thrive."

Steve continues, “Joining Two Sides and Print Power allows us to promote the Print industry as not only environmentally friendly, but also one of the few sustainable industries. If someone invented a product that was wholly sustainable and recyclable in today's depleting resources, they would be hailed a saviour of the planet! Well they already have. It’s called Print."

Let’s face it, if you were to invent the ideal communications medium for the modern consumer, you would have to take a number of things into consideration. It would have to be light, flexible, portable, recyclable, able to express colour in fine detail, and have a satisfying, tactile nature that felt good in the hand. Something, you might say, a little like print!

To find out more about becoming a member, please contact