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Sappi is global paper and pulp group. We are the leading producer of Coated Fine Paper and the world's largest producer of chemical cellulose (dissolving pulp). In addition we produce; newsprint, uncoated graphic and business papers, premium quality packaging papers, speciality papers and a range of paper grade pulp.


Our History in Brief. For More than 70 years Sappi has been steadily growing. South African Pulp and Paper Industries Ltd was first registered as a company in 1936. Over the next 50 years plantations, pulp and paper mills were established, acquired and developed. In 1989 SAPPI acquired Saiccor, the world's largest producer of chemical cellulose. Between 1990 and 2000 Sappi made a number of important acquisitions of Fine Paper mills throughout Europe and USA and by 1997 Sappi Fine Paper was the world's largest producer of coated fine paper. By 1998 Sappi were listed on the stock exchanges of London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York In 2004 Sappi took a 34% equity stake in Jiangxi Chenming, a joint venture in China. In 2008 Sappi acquired the coated graphic paper business of M-Real.

Client List

World Wide: International and Local Publishers Printer Groups and companies Paper Merchants and groups. International and local End Users

Market Focus

We are present in all the major world wide markets and supply paper and pulp to over 100 countries world wide. We are active in direct and merchant sales and supply paper and packaging materials to Publishers,Merchants, Printes and End Users world wide.

Environmental Credentials

At Sappi, we subscribe to the commonly accepted definition of sustainable development as development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Prosperity, People and Planet; the three key factors inherent in sustainability as set out by the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg 2002 form the basis of our commitment to sustainable development. Sustainability at Sappi is underpinned by sound governance and our Code of Ethics enhances uniform understanding of our core values; excellence, integrity and respect. These values demonstrate our commitment to leadership by investing in the growth of all our employees, suppliers, customers and contractors, through the provision of clear guidelines on what they can expect from us and what we expect from them You can find full details of our commintment to sustainable development and our Corporate Social Responsibilities World Wide on our website We are certified as FSC & PEFC manufacturers and we support the use of all internationally recognised certified pulps. We have achieved ISO14001 & 9001 certifications and we are EMAS certified throughout Europe. We know that paper helps promote literacy, and is a driver of change and development. No other medium can deliver the same level of high resolution, high impact images. Paper plays a key role in the developed and developing world and is still widely used for communication and packaging purposes, despite the rise of the electronic media. Consumers are choosing to use paper and board products instead of oil based plastic products.

Contact Details

For environmental issues please contact: Jens Kriete - Environmental Manager SPFE For general enquires please contact: Maxine Elliott- Sales Manager