About the Competition 

Paper is one of the most sustainable and renewable products around. Trees are planted, trees are harvested, and trees are replanted- it's as simple as that. 

The 2015 No Wonder You Love Paper competition is giving 30 winners and their partners the chance to see first-hand, sustainable forestry in action. Ten participating mills across Europe will host the winners, offering a once-in-a-lifetime trip to visit their mill, explore the forests and learn about sustainable paper production. Not only that, the winners will also spend time in the surrounding towns and cities, indulging in what there is on offer, wine tasting, fine dining, sightseeing...

How the competition works

Entrants will watch a short video about the sustainability of Print and Paper. Once finished, there are 3 questions which must be answered. 30 entrants, who answered all three questions correctly, will be chosen at random once the competition closes. The winners will be informed no later than 28 days after the closing date of the competition. 

The competition closes 31st January 2016. 


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