Duplo International Ltd


Duplo International provides finishing and printing equipment to all types of print operations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa enabling them to become more successful and to create new opportunities in their markets they serve. The company vision statement declares that this is about 'enabling our customers to turn paper into great communication'. This drives development of a complete range of products for finishing print in the most effective, profitable and quality-focused way possible.


Duplo Corporation began building collating equipment in Japan fifty years ago to serve the domestic market. These first came to Europe in 1985 through a company called Ordibel UK which had been started by David Greenhalgh, father of Duplo International's current chairman Robin Greenhalgh. In 1986 the name was changed to Print Finishing International and the following year Duplo International was formed to market Duplo collators in Europe, Australia and Africa. The success of this led to Duplo Holdings, jointly owned with Duplo Corporation, which in 1994 took on the Duplo International name and has since been responsible for sales and marketing in Europe and EMEA territories. Duplo France was formed in 1995, Polska in 2004 and Italia in 2005. It has been working closely with digital press suppliers since launching our Partners Association Limited in 1989 to deliver Duplo finishing equipment to Xerox customers.

Client List

Our clients include commercial printers, blue chip organisations, govenment authorities and councils, schools/collegese/universities and some of the countries leading marketing and design companies.

Market Focus

- Commercial Printers - Inplant print rooms - Education - Government - Marketing and Design

Environmental Credentials

Duplo is fully committed to good environmental practice. Its manufacturing plants have ISO 14001, the international qualification for environmental management and a commitment to continuing to reducing any impact on the environment. This is in line with the vision statement of Duplo Corporation: Harmony with the Environment. In practice this covers the way that products are designed, the use of sustainable materials in manufacture and end of life recycling. The Duprinter range for example is a perfect example of this approach. The digital duplicator is designed to sit in an office or other enclosed space. In use it produces no ozone, something which has been identified as a cause of sickness. It uses a water-based ink, requires no special cleaning and is produced from recyclable products. There are no concerns about whether the pages it prints can be recycled. Further the rapid start up and no wasted paper approach mean that electricity consumption and carbon footprint is exceptionally low. Duplo is constantly reviewing our business practices ensuring that we meet our legal and moral obligations. Duplo is committed towards a sustainable future for the print industry. Duplo Corporation have constructed an open park next to their headquarters in Japan, called Shima Park.

Contact Details

Duplo International Head Office Unit C5 Sandown Industrial Estate Mill Road Esher Surrey KT10 8BL Telephone: +44 (0) 137 246 8131 Facsimilie: +44 (0) 137 246 0252 Email: info@duplointernational.com