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Lenzing is situated in the province of Upper Austria near the Attersee, which is one of Austria�s big lakes and therefore visited by many travellers. Therefore Lenzing has always been in the focus of governmental authorities and environmental protectionists. As a consequence, environmental performance has reached an unrivalled level. Products manufactured are recycled high whiteness high purity papers for offset and digital printing, tinted recycled papers, coated poster papers and envelope papers, both, recycled and virgin based.


Paper production has a long tradition in Lenzing. It already started in 1892. More than 100 years later, in 1984, a new paper machine replaced 2 old machines which were made idle. The old machines had a capacity of 20.000 tons of paper per year. The new machine produces today up to 85.000 tons/years, depending on basis weight. At the same time, a recycling and deinking plant was commissioned. Today, paper production is mainly based on high quality de-inked fibre from own production. Several Lenzing grades are produced from virgin pulps.

Client List

Robert Horne Howard Smith Encore Envelope

Market Focus

Lenzing Papier is working on taking high quality recycled papers forward, utilising the advantages of the energy supply, the sound water treatment and lack of landfill. 88% of energy comes from carbon neutral sources through a highly efficient energy supply system, today sometimes called "Bio-combine".

Environmental Credentials

As a contribution to climate change prevention, Lenzing Papier offer their customers recycled, carbon neutral products that shall help to reduce emissions and make the emission of greenhouse gases an issue. Lenzing papers emit low levels of CO2, effluent and there is no landfill of residual material. Rail transportation of raw materials and finished goods are frequently in use. All environmental parameters are better than reference values defined as "Best available techniques".

Contact Details

Bernd Wechsler Werkstra�e 2 A-4860 Lenzing Austria b.wechsler@lenzingpapier.com T +43 7672 701 3160